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Newspaper Div Layout by Uday

Newspaper Div Layout

author: Uday

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myspace html/css tutorials

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Please select a topic. These topics cover customization for MySpace. If you would like to see which tutorials are available for XuQa, please see our XuQa Customization page.

advanced tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

See our extensive list of Advanced HTML/CSS Tutotorials. These tutorials cover things like browser bugs, intermediate and advanced CSS tricks, CSS popups and rollovers, and HTML/CSS demos.

basic html/css tutorials

These tutorials are not specific to MySpace or XuQa. They will, however, teach basic html/css which can be applied to your own website or to your MySpace or XuQa profile. Some of these tutorials have additional menus for furthur detail, but we have tried to provide a synopsis of what the tutorial covers.

Color Chart with Hexadecimal Codes

Our Color Chart lists colors with their hexidecimal codes for ease of finding and using the proper colors in html and css. This color chart only lists the 216 "web safe" colors.

Image Codes

This tutorial covers the basics of how to put images onto the web. It gives the codes with examples and explanations. It covers how to put on image onto a page, how to link images, put borders on them, resize them, put them in marquees, and a few other tips and tricks.

Marquee Codes

How to make text and image marquees or scrolls. This tutorial covers the different properties used in marquees with demonstrations of what each does.

Style Sheets Explained

Understanding what a style sheet is and how to use it properly is important in web design. This tutorial covers the basics on what a style sheet is, what it does, and how to manipulate it to control the look of your page.

Text and Font Codes

This section covers several things for text codes. We have sections on marquees, special characters (♥ ♣ €), links, scrollboxes, 'wrapping' or floats, and properties which control color, underline, bold, font-family, etc. All sections give code with a demonstration of the code to help you understand and visualize what the codes do.

myspace specific tutorials

Our MySpace tutorials teach various things. For users who don't understand coding very well, they are all written with codes and explanations. For our users who understand the basics and are ready for the next step in profile design, we have several tutorials to help you understand and customize your profile with confidence. Several of these tutorials are very in-depth, multipart tutorials which walk you through the process of customization step-by-step with pictures along the way.

Background and Table Codes

This section shows the basic codes required to change backgrounds and backbround colors for the body and tables on a MySpace profile.

Blog Customization Tutorial

This is a four part tutorial on understanding the CSS used in MySpace blogs. In addition to a detailed listing of the CSS used, users can also get some hands on experience with manipulating and editing the code used.

MySpace Div Tutorial

Our div overlay tutorial is extremely popular. It is in 9 parts and covers everything from hiding the profile to building a div overlay. Each step gives code, explanations of the CSS involved, as well as pictures so users can follow along and build their div layout with guidance.

Hide/Move Items

This section covers basic codes to hide an move items like MySpace music players, friends and comments, contact tables, etc.

Katamari Tutorials

The Cousins teach codes on everything from hiding items to moving sections.

MySpace Selectors

If you've seen things like table table td, .orangetext15, a:hover and have no clue what any of that means, this is the right section for you. We cover all of the selectors and list what each controls so you can fine-tune your profile without having to start all over again.


We have MySpace generators galore! We have just about everything you will need to create profiles or add videos and music. For those of you who need a generator instead of a tutorial, we probably have to suit the purpose.


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