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myspace selectors

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Happily Painting Div Layout by Uday

Happily Painting Div Layout

author: Uday

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myspace selectors

Please read the section on style sheets first. These are the selectors that MySpace uses and how they affect our page. Using CSS, you can adjust the properties on each of these selectors to customize your page.


body {} - This is the area that is gray to the left and right of the profile on a standard myspace page.


table, tr, td {} - This is the area that under your profile tables
table table table {} - This is a small area that contains borders between your profile tables and the area under your profile tables
table table table tr td {} - These are all of your tables
.contacttable {} - This is your contact table


a:active {}
a:visited {}
a:link {}
a:hover {}

Navbar links

a.navbar:active {}
a.navbar:visited {}
a.navbar:link {}
a.navbar:hover {}

Links (Help, Sign-Out) {} {} {} {}

"View All of XXXX's Friends" link

a.redlink:active {}
a.redlink:visited {}
a.redlink:link {}
a.redlink:hover {}

"General," "Schools," etc. links

a.searchlinksmall:active {}
a.searchlinksmall:visited {}
a.searchlinksmall:link {}
a.searchlinksmall:hover {}

Comment dates/times

.blacktext10 {}

"XXXX is in your extended network"

.blacktext12 {}

"XXXX has" ----- "Friends"

.btext {}

"General," "Music," etc.

.lightbluetext8 {}


.nametext {}

This is "XXXX's Blurbs," "About Me," etc.

.orangetext15 {}

Displaying "X" of "X" Comments

.redtext {}

XXXX has "XXXXXXXX" Friends

.redbtext {}

Page text

.text {}

"Contacting XXXX," "XXXX's Interests," etc.

.whitetext12 {}


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